Customer Profile: Lift Coffee

Lift Coffee sits at the base of Whistler Mountain, serving up food and drink to both winter and summer adventurers.

Knowing their customers to be on the move and almost always equipped with smartphones, they made the bold move of getting a mobile friendly site up before a main website, and they chose Menuito to make it happen.

Customer Profile: Bluewater Grill

This is an overdue welcome to a feature customer, Bluewater Grill. With four locations in southern California and Phoenix, Bluewater is recognized for high quality, fresh seafood and locations with outstanding views.

The Menuito Holiday Angel Project

Hey mobile-savvy cool cats! To get into the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to run a little promotion that lets you, the restaurant-going smartphone-using community, choose two restaurants or food carts/trucks to receive a free Menuito license with custom theme. Here's how it will work:

Developer Docs and Licenses Available

Hey, Web Designers!

While Menuito's admin tools don't allow for end users to make random customizations of a mobile site's theme, we did take care to make theming Menuito sites very easy for web developers. We did that for our own sanity, and to keep the cost of making new themes low, but also because we want to see what kind of creativity other designers might come up with should they bring Menuito to their restaurant clients.

News on Mobile Growth and its Opportunities

Two short but interesting articles popped up this week that are worth sharing in the context of restaurants and the web. The first is a summary of recent stats about the growth of mobile technology use. Luke Wroblewski (known around the web as LukeW) is famous for summarizing and sharing research findings in an easy-to-read manner. His latest post shows some critical trends emerging in mobile tech use by consumers.