How Does it Work? Like magic, only better. Sit back and let us show you.


Menuito works alongside your current website without changing it, so you get the benefits of mobile without the hassle of a new site.

the Facts

Just enter what customers need to know: your hours, phone number, how to find you, your best fare. Menuito takes care of the rest.

Smooth Handling

Diners get the info they're searching for thanks to a beautiful, functional and super-fast mobile site.

What are smartphones? What about my existing website? Find answers to these and other questions in the FAQ.

Attractive & Flexible Menuito serves mobile diners in style

All these themes are included with purchase.
New looks are added regularly, and are
automatically delivered to existing customers.

Theme Previewer

Not Seeing the Right Look?

We Can Help. Add Style Match for a custom-made look that fits with your existing website.

Six ways Menuito makes the perfect
mobile-smart companion to your website

Keep it

Menuito runs on your existing web server without additional resources. No extra service fees or service providers to deal with.

Look Good,

iPhones, Android phones, Blackberry phones, even the iPad: Menuito makes you look good on every touchscreen.


Guide diners to your doorstep with photos, a live GPS map and the ability to call you with a tap of the finger.
* requires gps-capable phone

Small Site,
Big Impression

A little engine that can, Menuito serves your mobile website at amazing speeds.

Without Fear

Change specials, hours, photos and more with a simple console. Menuito does the rest, meaning you can change any info at any time, without assistance.

Bottom Line

Instead of never-ending monthly fees, Menuito is a one-time purchase that pays for itself by getting customers off the street and into seats.

What about getting Style Match after purchase? Can we add our logo? Find answers to these and other questions in the FAQ.

Take Control Without the TechnobabbleSimpler to use than a microwave, Menuito makes
updating mobile site content a snap.

Master Controls

Getting around the Manager's Console is direct and to the point. Special icons draw your attention to messages from with tips and product news.

The Dashboard

The place for the two things that change the most: up-to-the-second visitor numbers and their menu interest, and the eye-catching Feature Message for promoting specials and events early and often.

Menus Mobilized

You only get a limited sales pitch with mobile customers. Add your menu descriptions and up to 6 signature items for each menu, highlighting the dishes that bring people in the door.

Edit With Ease

Change descriptions, hours, address and photos as much as you want. You'll never pay to change information on a Menuito mobile site, and you won't need to learn a complex interface. Click, type, done.

Instant Styles

Change the entire look of your mobile site in 5 seconds. Our stylish themes let your mobile site change with the seasons and holidays. Custom themes can be created by Menuito or a skilled web designer.

Pictures To Go

Upload up to three photos that can help customers find you and treat the eyes with a look at the dining room or some of your best dishes, drinks and smiling faces.

Three Steps to Make Your Restaurant Mobile

Step 1: Install

Menuito works on most current web hosts beside your current site (PHP 5 required). No database or other costly extras are required.

Setup requires moving files by FTP. This can be done by you, your current web person, or by Menuito staff.

Step 2: Describe

Fill in the blanks about your restaurant: features, menus and signature dishes, photos, special features and online connections.

Then pick out a look for your mini-site. Use anything from the stock theme collection, or get a Style Match custom theme made for you.

Step 3: Impress

Check it out: your mini-site is live and being automatically served to smartphones.

Change any info or the look any time you want. Features can change daily, and Menuito's stats show you the menus people are checking out the most.

Getting started with Menuito takes 15 minutes and a pinch of technical skill.

Not technical or no web person available? No problem. Setup Assistance and Style Matching options can be added at purchase.

Get Menuito!
Contact for details.

What Menuito's All About At Menuito we have two simple goals

Make restaurants look good to mobile customers

Help customers make good dining decisions from their smartphones

The Story

It all started in Austin, Texas. A friend and I heard about a great BBQ place and tried to look at their website, but it didn't work on our phones. We never found the place, and settled for less.

From then on I started thinking of a different way for restaurants to fix the mobile problem. The only solutions out there seemed to be a) build a whole new website or b) pay a never-ending monthly fee for an online service. I built Menuito for restaurants that aren't ready to make such big, possibly expensive moves.

Though I'm a software designer now, my family has two generations in the restaurant industry. I never lost my appreciation for how hard it is to make a restaurant work, or how important it is to talk to your customers. So I also built Menuito to help customers hear your voice on the web, and not just online review sites.

If you're not ready to replace your current website, but you want to stop losing mobile customers ready to eat, then you're who we made Menuito for.

Made in Vancouver, Canada

Menuito comes from a city known for excellent dining, technological innovation and people who love to eat. What could be better?

Menuito Systems Inc,
70 East 2nd Ave,
Suite 302 Vancouver,
BC V5T 1B1

The 100 day guarantee

I want you to be happy with Menuito. If it doesn't help make your restaurant look and work better on smartphones, you can request a refund within 100 days of purchase (excludes Style Match, Setup Assistance and processing fees).

Todd Sieling, Menuito FounderTodd Sieling, Menuito Founder
Get Menuito!
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Menuito Connections For customers and the curious, join us in the Menuitoverse.
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Frequently asked questions Click to find the answers to our most asked questions:

What phones are smartphones?

In general, any phone with a large touchscreen is considered a smartphone, like the iPhone, Android, as well as some Nokia and Blackberry phones. These phones can visit websites, and if the website has been made to work with smartphones it will automatically make the content fit nicely. Most websites do not do that, and some don’t work with smartphones. Menuito is for those websites that have problems on smartphones.

How does Menuito help restaurant websites that have problems on smartphones?

Menuito creates a second mini-website just for smartphones. When Menuito is installed, smartphones are automatically shown an attractive and very easy to browse website. The Manager's Console lets managers or owners change the information without web programming or paying someone to do it.

Is there a free trial?

No, but there is a 100 day money back guarantee.

Is Menuito a hosted service?

No, Menuito is an application that you run on your own server. We do not have plans to offer Menuito as a hosted service as our goal is to make it easy to maintain your own mobile website.

Is Menuito an iPhone, Blackberry or Android App?

No, Menuito is software that lives on the same computer (web host) as an existing restaurant website.

Do Menuito mobile sites work on the iPad or other tablets?

Yes. Though our themes are not yet optimized to make the best use of tablets like the iPad, they often have the same needs as smartphones so Menuito shows your mobile site to tablets. We will introduce optimized themes that make better use of tablets in the near future, and those updates will be automatically delivered to existing customers.

What are the requirements for Menuito?

Basically you just need an existing website: Menuito does not require a database and will not increase your monthly web hosting costs. Your web host must support PHP 5 or higher (most do). You will also need access to your web host name and password. If in doubt, ask your web person or web hosting company, or contact us.

What mobile browser can use a Menuito mini-site?

Menuito will work for any iPhone, Android-based phone, Windows Phone 7 or Blackberry touchscreen device. The Blackberry Torch has some known issues with minor features of a Menuito mini-site.

Can Menuito be my whole website?

Menuito is designed to only be a companion to a full restaurant website. If your customers are always mobile, like a taco truck or coffee house, you could go Menuito-only but it’s not recommended.

Does Menuito stay separate from our existing website?

Yes, Menuito does not change your existing website's contents at all. Visitors using smartphones have different information needs from those using regular web browsers. Menuito makes it possible to serve each audience exactly what they need.

How can I change the look of my Menuito website?

Each Menuito license comes stock themes, and other themes can be added. Changing a theme is done by choosing a different one from the list and clicking Save. The entire site will instantly change to the new look. Our themes are built openly, so an outside web designer to create a custom look for you. Menuito also offers a Style Match custom theme service, for a custom-made theme based on your existing website.

Can I decide about Style Match after purchase?

Yes. Style Match is offered when you buy Menuito, but if you're not sure you can hold off. In the Menuito Manager's Console is a place to order Style Match if you decide later that you do want it. The price is the same as at purchase.

Can I add our logo, change colors or fonts?

All the look and feel aspects are managed through CSS coding. If you know CSS, you will find changing themes straightforward. However, there is no point and click interface for changing single parts of themes or adding logos. We made this decision to ensure that every diner visiting with a smartphone sees a great looking and working mobile website.

Can Menuito hold my whole menu?

It’s possible, but not recommended, because it’s important to tailor the information you show to mobile customers for small screen reading. Instead of squeezing a full menu onto a small screen, we focus on communicating what to expect from each menu. Think of how you’d describe a menu to someone on the phone or at their table: you wouldn’t just read the whole thing to them.

Menuito has spaces to describe 6 signature items per menu. These are specially formatted so the items you want to promote on each menu jump out to customers.

Can I use Menuito on more than one website?

Each Menuito license is for one website (like Using Menuito on multiple website addresses requires multiple licenses. You can request a transfer of your license to a new website address, but transfers are limited to one per year. Contact support if you need a transfer..

Can I be a Menuito reseller?

We intend to offer a reseller program in the very near future. Resellers are encouraged to offer value-added services like setup and custom themes. If you would like to be notified when the reseller program opens, join our newsletter or write to